Alfa Tutorials

Alfa Tutorials

Lecture classes

Regular lecture classes to develop student’s fundamentals understanding, knowledge and problem solving skills as per latest pattern JEE & NEET. Students are encouraged to self-study from Books by Dr. H C Verma and University Physics By Sears and Zemansky

Board preparation classes

Board preparation classes are conducted to enhance the performance in board exams. The purpose of these classes is to cover those topics which aren’t part of JEE or NEET syllabus otherwise

 Well-researched & comprehensive study material

Students are provided with highly systematic & comprehensive study material for the course opted. Our study material is self-sufficient hence there is no major need to refer to other books.. Study material consists of detailed problem sheets with key concepts for each chapter, special assignments & question banks for important topics, special vacation assignments, & periodic question papers.

The study material is designed to ensure that students become absolutely comfortable with the pattern by the time they face the real examination. The problem sheets are graded level 1 to level 3 in such a way that difficulty level of questions increases gradually thereby motivating students to tackle incrementally difficult problems in a systematic way. At the same, it has been our endeavor that students don’t waste any time working on problems which are not relevant

Chapter wise EXERCISE sheets

Sheet is chapter wise multi exercise booklet, designed as per the latest syllabus containing different types of conceptual, tricky, multi-chapter and brainstorming relevant questions including previous ten years questions, covering all possible profiles of the questions which may be asked in forthcoming exams. The level of questions in sheet is scientifically arranged to enhance student performance & confidence to the highest level.


Our in house software gives a detailed report on performance of students in test.  It analyses how much time a student has taken for each question, how many easy, moderate or difficult question he has solved, how other students have performed in the same paper,  which topic of which chapter he is strong or weak at, overall what’s his standing etc. It’s a unique in IIT-JEE coaching industry. We also have our android/ios app for taking online tests.


With 26 years of experience in preparing students for engineering and medical entrance examination, we understand the stress a student goes through in these 2 years. The teaching methodology that has evolved with experience helps us in producing best results in the city for both engineering and medical entrance examination. Our students are consistently securing top ranks in entrance examination and also in board examinations. We never advertise our results because we believe it’s the student hard work which bring results and we are just playing the role of facilitator and guide. Our role is to clear the concepts of students, give them enough practice sheets but results will come if the student can save himself from the daily life distractions these days.

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